About AMI

The AMI Defence division for Australasian Naval Defence

AMI aim to offer our customers a relationship built on trust, our reputation comes with quality assurance and strict adherence to established procedure and best practice across all tiers of the business. AMI are highly experienced in supply for Naval Defence with a broad spectrum of service assets.


Australian technical expertise working with Defence to reach solutions that have very real outcomes and long term in-country support programs.

Customer Service

AMI offer dedicated product specialists, who liase with major suppliers to ensure up to date and accurate product information, competitive rates and extensive after sales support.

Complete Project Management

Led by a team of senior Engineers and Technicians, and with dedicated ship service business units, AMI offer project management completely inhouse from initial scoping to after sale support.
We offer a logistical and technical network across Australasia, partner with suppliers offering the highest approvals and conformities, and employ specialist Engineers and Technicians to maintain support from project start to finish.